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Queenfish Trolling - Deluxe


  • 24570 - Shimano Tiagra B STP 20-30lb
    12715 - Shimano Torsa TS16
    27102 - Sufix IGFA Key Lime 20lb
    24570 - 12715 - 27102
    R 5,375.00
    Discovery Miles 537500

1. Shimano Tiagra B STP 20-30lb

Updated for 2007, we have introduced a number of important features such as the new innovative Shimano Roller guides - designed to allow clear passage of big swivels or connection knots.

Lighter versions of this rod are fitted with traditional Shimano guides for optimum lightness and strength; all grips are now manufactured in a special rubber for safe handling and greater resistance to ageing.

2. Shimano Torsa TS16

The Tyrnos range is a perfect range of reels for Shimano game fishing enthusiast who want a quality game reel outfit but don’t want to necessarily pay for the more expensive Tiagra. The Tyrnos range is incredible versatile giving the angler the ability to troll for Spanish Mackerel, drop baits for tasty eating fish such as Coral Trout or floating baits out to circling sharks.

The 12 holds 384 metres of 7kg and the 16 holds 475 metres of 9kg, although as the model numbers suggest, they would also make superb 6 kilo [12lb] and 8 kilo [16lb] game reels. The drag at strike while retaining adequate free spool is 6kg, while the maximum drag at full (sunset) is 15kg, so you could fill them with heavier braided line and use them for non-IGFA fishing as well. With no cross-bar to get in the way, extra stopping power via thumb pressure can be easily applied if such a situation warrants. The gear speed for models up to the 30 size is a uniformed 5.0:1 while the long range 50 has a 4.0:1 retrieve rate.

If you’ve been wanting to step-up and tangle with mega class Tuna and Marlin the 50 LRS is the ideal model. Just like its II speed cousin, the 50 packs a powerful punch that is going to have just about any game fish surfacing for a gasp of air!

The single speed versions have alternating twin pawl anti-reverse mechanism while a comfortable ergonomic handle makes for a comfortable fight.

3. Sufix IGFA Key Lime 20lb

The ideal thick diameter IGFA-rated big game and sport fishing line that delivers exeptional performance. Consistent tensile strength to meet IGFA standards and ultimate abrasion resistance for long, tough record battles. High knot strength and great shock absorption for sudden bursts that record gamefish are known for.